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We invite you to embark on a journey that will include the use of supportive therapies to improve your well-being and help you feel your best. We have over 25 years of experience in the field and strive to use that experience to your benefit.

Our goal is to help people in our community get the care they need.

We offer a variety of services including psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and therapy. We also provide resources for families and individuals who are seeking mental health care. We believe that everyone deserves access to quality mental health care. We are here to help you get the care you need and deserve.


We offer psychotherapy to people of all ages, individuals, couples, and families. We can provide support to people who are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, negative behavior patterns, debilitating thoughts & feelings, and issues in their relationships.


Medications are used to treat mental disorders affecting mood, attention, behavior, and thought processes. Not all clients and not all psychiatric problems need medicines, but there are certainly instances where prescription medicines are the best treatment available to relieve a person’s suffering.

Psychological Testing

Psychological tests are used to assess a variety of mental abilities and attributes, including achievement and ability, personality, and neurological functioning. "Testing is conducted by a licensed clinical psychologist"

Nutrition Counseling

Various benefits of nutritional counseling include: Increase in energy, Healthier lifestyle and food choices, Better quality sleep, Less drastic range of emotions, Better ability to concentrate.

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy is a powerful way to gain the vital vitamins and minerals that the body needs for optimal health and wellness. With this delivery system, individuals can get the nutrients their bodies need to heal and recover quickly, as well as improve performance.


We are warm, caring, experienced, licensed mental health professionals dedicated to providing high quality goal-oriented care in a confidential private practice setting.


When you come to us, our therapist will be your most trusted partner through life's toughest challenges.


Our compassionate therapists will be by your side, offering individual guidance, tips and strategies to help you find relief and build confidence in yourself.


We offer same-day appointments so that your healing begins from the moment you contact us.


Take the first step to help. Call or Email TMR Talk Therapy & Mental Health Care now  +1 (201)-678-1802

Or Book An Appointment

E-Mail a Photo of Your Insurance Card + DOB To Expedite The Process

We Participate With Most Private Insurances.

Rest assured, we will do all of leg work when it comes to negotiating insurance claims. You will never incur any unexpected expenses!

No single therapy theory or technique holds a monopoly on healing. We take an integrated and individualized approach to make your therapeutic experience with our practice your own. We are a clinical team of Psychotherapists, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, a Nutritionist, and a Psychologist.

Our motto is to encourage healing. We offer support to help our clients learn to cope with life as difficulties arise. If you have experienced an event or are going through something that has caused impairment to your daily functioning and/or continue to disrupt you day to day living and relationships, you can call or email us today.

Cost per Session: $225 – $500
Sliding Scale: Yes
Pay By: American Express, Cash, Discover, Health Savings Account, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa, Venmo

Yes We Do! We offer same-day appointments so that your healing begins from the moment you contact us.

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