As a Psychotherapist, I believe that everyone already has the tools they need to be their most productive and successful self. Sometimes people just need support and encouragement from an outside source to reach their personal “happy place”. Every patient has a right to Self-Determination and Self-Awareness. Psychotherapy can help develop insight, coping mechanisms, and social skills to help us build stronger relationships.I have a Doctorate degree from the University of Southern California with a background in Human Behavior, and a Master’s degree from Long Island University with a background in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. I am licensed by the Social Work Board in the state of New Jersey. I have 9 years of experience working with children and families at the Administration for Children’s Services who have suffered the effects of trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, unhealthy family dynamics, and overall poor coping skills. I specialize in areas, including but not limited to, teenage conflict, ADHD, Depression, childhood trauma, anxiety, and infidelity. I am also well-versed in Psychopharmacology and coordinate therapy with medication management by a qualified psychiatrist and/or Nurse Practitioner.My Approach is realistic, warm, and knowledgeable; as well as interactive. I believe in meeting my patients where they are and giving them the unique tools to realize what is best for their situation. I am positive that you will get exactly what you need from my sessions as they will be more than safe and accepting.