Our Clinicians

Our goal is to provide support to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

As a team, we make significant desired changes in people’s overall functioning and livelihood.
TMR Mental Health Care is a private practice dedicated to tailoring a treatment plan for your individual or family’s needs.

Our compassionate therapists will be by your side. We will offer individual guidance, coping & emotional support. You will be equipped with the life skills that you need to navigate life, improve your functioning & experiences.

DR. Raul Alex Padilla


Mee-Hyea Kim

LPC, Psychotherapist

Christine Lisa

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, PMHNP, OCN

Justine Rella

LPC Psychotherapist

Manisha Panwala

Registered Dietitian

Luisa Dominguez

Psychotherapist, LSW

John Turner

LSW, Psychotherapist

Dr. Shawna McEwen

DSW, LSW Psychotherapist

Lydia Thompson, LCSW

Psychotherapist, LCSW

Anna Ebrani, LCSW

Psychotherapist, LCSW